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Christian web designs is one of the leading providers of quality web design and seo services for Churches and Christian ministries online. With over 10,000 hits a month and a Page rank (Google) of 5 you will be sure to benefit from increased traffic to your site and also a higher page rank for your own site.

To advertise with Christian web designs, please use our contact form and supply the following details if required:

  • The URL of your Website
  • The URL of the banner you want to use
  • The duration you want to sign up for

Sites that will not qualify include, but are not limited to:

  • Any form of adult or warez site,
  • Get rich quick 'secrets of internet marketing' sites, mass email [spam] sites, etc,
  • Sites that promote racial hatred, slander or anything illegal.
  • Any site that could not be considered as family friendly.

We offer several options for you:

Banner Advertisement on our Home page:

Banner advertiseing with Christian web designs

Banner specifications: 468 X 60 Pixels (jpg, gif or swf)

Place your advert on our rotating banner space which is in a prominent position on our home page. Our fee is based on a fixed period of a month for your banner display and has nothing to do with how many clicks it gets. Whether you get 1,000 clicks or 300 clicks, you pay the same. We have good reason for doing it this way. Click Through technology is fraught with problems. The biggest single problem being fruad.

Max. 10 banners in rotation.

Only $20 a month

Banner advert on side column:

hurch website designs advert

Banner specifications: 125 X 125 Pixels (jpg or gif)

Place your banner on the side bar of all the pages of our side (excluding homepage) for only $20 per month. Your advert will be highly visible to all who visit Christian web designs, so in turn driving more traffic to your own site.

$20 per month

Text Link Advertisement on the footer of our Home page:

Christian web designs text link advertisement

We also offer you the chance to place your text link on the footer of all our pages including the home page. There will only be a total of 20 links placed here. This again will be a highly visible link which will in turn drive traffic and increase the Page rank value of your own site.
Sample of advertising: KVCHOSTING Reviews

$15 a month

Free Link exchange

Free exchange

Christian web designs

We also offer a free link exchange program. Please visit our links page for more information, Thanks!.

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Church website design also christian web templates

Church website design

Christian website design and also our Church web templates

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